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Always a solution for the future 

Fee arrangement

Our clients believe in value for money, more so in value for people. That is why they have made us their preferred partner in transmedia business strategy and model.

Transmedia Communications Limited calculates professional strategic fees on the basis of a percentage of the successful bid's project cash compensation. Typically, this ranges from 3% to amount of a successful project's first year revenue, or a minimum flat fee for the retainer, whichever is higher and cost of pilot project not included.

We also work on a retainer basis, which means that a portion of the anticipated fee is due from the client each month up to a pre-agreed limit, with the balance paid upon completion of the project.

Professional Services

Services we provid are ranging from IP development for cross media platform to customised soltuion,strategy building for digital entertainment platform or production service on demand in the new media business .

Obvious cases are :

1- Mobile platform production & content design .

2-Temporal/ Spatial interactivity project design.

3-TV broadcasting & content strategy .