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Always a solution for the future 

In corporate sense...

         Transmedia Communications Limited is a Hong Kong based company dedicated to enhance the cross over business in TMT domain (Technology, Media, Telecom) by providing consultancy service of strategy, R&D, competition policy and capital operation as the value adding application or forming alliance to meet the various market needs of the clients all over the world. Transmedia Communications Limited is international business oriented and adopted international associates system to serve all different clients.

An ongoing in 2015 for the untapped action of the future

About Us

Whole concept was actually triggreed off by reading the book "As the Future Catches You " in which , the author Jaun Euriquez articulatedly confronts the implication of future development of genomics in biotechnology and related industry .

That reminds us that the present media industry is just an universe without knowing much the universe itself except agony, cynicism and worst of all be destructive of what ever innovative . This is an age of self-pity and without courage to try the new stuff or jumping in .

We are therefore come together to brain storm and to create . We are a team with imagneering ideas and capability . We want to explore and further the frontier of cross media design solution in all aspects .

 That is what we call it the revolution of media genomics by synergizing the media genes in different categories and patent our discovery in due course.

Transmedia is collaborating with Yeun Wo Ping , the world renowned action choreographer of Matrix 1,2, 3 and the director of " Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon 2 " of 2014 to conduct a R& D venture to tap the coming genre of action movie in the West of 2015.